Advertisment students’ final work: Phase 1

I am working on a project (as a Mozilla Rep.) with twelve groups of advertisement students of University of Morón where each group is working in order to make a campaign to spread Firefox in Argentina.

Interview with some students.

Interview with some students.

We finish the Phase 1, that means that they meet me, I communicated to them what Mozilla needs and now they have all the material to start to think the campaign that Mozilla is looking for.

Here are important points of the project.


I have been gathering with the headmasters of the courses in my university since last year so as to work together with Mozilla at the University of Morón, interrelating different courses of studies, educating students, giving work experience and encouraging the community.

This relationship has proved to be very fruitful: the whole university was at our disposal for courses and events, the different courses of studies were available to work together and Mozilla and Firefox were spread in the educative field, among other things.

This project is particularly addressed to the advertising course of studies.

The students have to carry out a field work (actually, an applicable final work) in their last subject so as to obtain their degree.

Merchandasing used to give ideas.

Merchandasing used to give ideas.

The work consists of creating an advertising campaign for a company/foundation about a specific product which culminates in its production.

In turn, the students are divided in groups and they are all assigned the same project to work on. Once the subject is done, the teachers will evaluate who passed it, and the company/foundation will choose the winning campaign so as to implement it.

Which is the idea?

The idea that came up last year after a meeting with the headmasters of the course of advertising is basically that this final work be about some of the Mozilla products or about the foundation itself.

In order to begin with the project, the students need and introduction form the company about the product to advertise, as well as knowing its plans of diffusion and everything related to it. They also need a representative of the company to guide them through the control points and to help them to clarify their doubts.

Professor happy with a Firefox bag.

Professor happy with a Firefox bag.

This role of guide is the one I will be performing. In turn, the progress will be presented to Mozilla so as to get its feedback and be able to conduct the different projects towards where the foundation is expected to be aimed.

Once the project finishes, Mozilla is expected to chose the best campaign and implement it to the greatest extent possible. Likewise, the work of the students will be recognized, they will gain working experience, the students form lower levels will be motivated to collaborate with Mozilla and Mozilla will obtain the development of an advertising campaign in the region.

Phase 1

This phase as I said before, consist on have an interview with the students and communicate which are the interests of Mozilla for the campaign.

The objectives are:

Main objective

  • Encourage the use of Mozilla Firefox

Secondary objectives

  • Raise the awareness about choosing a web browser.
  • Encourage the updates of the old versions of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Communicate that Mozilla is a non profit organization.

Diffusion channels: Mainly digital media and non conventional advertising. Also television, radio, graphic media and others.

Interview with other group of students.

Interview with other group of students.

Also some important points that guide the campaign are:

  • Think of a modular campaign: It means that we never know how much many will we have to use on the campaign so,  is very probably that we will launch it in different modules. For example: first we will launch the digital part, then we will invest on the television campaign.
  • Focus on community: all what Mozilla does is thanks and for the community. Also the community is a great power and benefit that companies don’t have.
  • Make reusable material: the material that would be use in the campaign must be reusable by other countries and communities, particularly in Latin America.
  • A timeless campaign: As we never know when we will have money, we must think in a campaign that endures over time.
  • Focus on the group of people that make grow the numbers of users, fidelity and collaboration quickly and maintained over the time.

18 Respuestas a “Advertisment students’ final work: Phase 1

  1. Wonderful work and very cooool idea🙂 I’m a remo from Tunisia and a student and I really like the idea🙂 good luck and please can you let us in touch with what happen with this campagns🙂 BRAVO !!

    • Thank you very much for your words! They mean a lot to me🙂 I would love to see what can you do with this initiative in your country. Please feel free to contact me for anything that you could need.

  2. hi , i come from Senegal – west africa
    i’m just happy of your idea, i’ve already say that the future and the best contributors come from students, In this moment i’m already see a lot of means to help student to get involved , Certainly i’m going to fork your ideas
    Sorry for my english

    • Thank you very much for your feedback! I totally agree with your opinion that the students are the future and of course the new contributors. I would love to see what are planning for your students.

  3. This is awesome work, Santiago!🙂 One thing that i like is, the idea of focusing the ads/ campaigns not just in one region but making them reusable around the world. Thanks for sharing it on the mailing list.

  4. Hola Santiago, soy una de las estudiantes de la UM que está en el proyecto.
    Buscando más info sobre Firefox encontré esta publicación.
    Resultó muy interesante la Fase 1, fue disparadora de muchas ideas, ojalá se pueda obtener un buen resultado en la campaña.
    Saludos y exitos!
    Hasta la próxima.

    • gracias Virginia! Quedo a la espera de tu correo ( para pasarte toda la información que andás buscando.

      • jajajajajajaja

        Aaaaaapa, te gustan las figuritas dificiles (o imagino que le diran en España: Las pegatinas coleccionables dificiles de conseguir) jajaja.

        La chapa grande de Firefox… yo tengo una y con el logo viejo… hasta ahora no vi con el logo nuevo. Realmente no son faciles de conseguir.
        Pegatinas hay a morir en la oficina… por casualidad tenes un ipod touch o iphone ;)??? De paso… te gustan las que son tiernas (tipo del zorrito llorando?)??

        El buzo ese solo se lo he visto a un solo empleado. Es dificil.

      • Jajajjaa, nooooo a mi me gusta el logo clásico!!!!el mouse pad también tiene un pase eh??

        El buzo como lo llamas tu va a ser MIO!!!jajajajacuesta caro pero merece la pena!

      • jajajajaja mouse creo que puedo llegar a conseguir😉

        Es cierto cuesta un ojo de la cara el buzo en el store… ahora si no recuerdo mal… creo que WilliamQ tenia uno, seguro que en las ofis de Paris algo podemos encontrar😉


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